Graduate Student Awards

As a graduate student at Athabasca University, you may be eligible for a number of awards and scholarships to help fund your education. In addition to the Outstanding Distinction Awards that the AUGSA offers, and the Government of Alberta's Graduate Citizenship Award administered by the GSA, you may be eligible for awards offered by the University, the Government of Alberta, or the Government of Canada.



For information regarding awards not listed on this page, please visit the following websites:

Outstanding Distinction Awards

The AUGSA offers a number of Outstanding Distinction Awards, available to both students and staff, to recognize members of the Athabasca University community who have demonstrated a high degree of leadership and engagement in their communities, their studies, and/or their professional lives.

The Outstanding Distinction Award for AU Graduate Students is annually in July. The deadline to apply for this award is May 31. Recipients of this award will receive a $1,125.00 award and a certificate of achievement. There are five (5) Outstanding Distinction Awards for AU Graduate Students available each year.

For a full list of requirements, as well as information regarding the Outstanding Distinction Awards for AU Faculty and AU Non-Academic Staff, please download the AUGSA Outstanding Distinction Awards PDF.

Graduate Student Research Fund

Mission Critical and Disciplinary categories of research awards are available to them under AU's Graduate Student Research Funds. There are three application deadlines per year: February 10th, May 10th, and October 10th.

The goal of the Graduate Student Research Fund (GSRF) is to enable students enrolled in graduate programs at Athabasca University to conduct research that:

  1. Is of value to the University (that is, relating to the mission of Athabasca University as articulated in the University's mission statement) - through the Graduate Student Mission Critical Research Fund (GSMCRF);
  2. Advances disciplinary knowledge - through the Graduate Student Disciplinary Research Fund (GSDRF);
  3. Funds are also available for dissemination of quality research findings for either mission critical research or disciplinary research.

GSRF Application Guidelines and Application Forms are available at the AU Research Centre website under "Graduate Student Research":

Graduate Citizenship Award

The Graduate Citizenship Award recognizes graduate students who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and leadership to fellow students and their community.

There are five (5) Graduate Citizenship Awards available to Athabasca University graduate students. The awards are valued at $2,000.

For complete eligibility requirements and application procedures, please download the Graduate Citizenship Award PDF.

Applications for the Graduate Citizenship Award should be mailed to the following address:

Athabasca University Graduate Students' Association
10818 Jasper Avenue
PO Box 35092
Edmonton, AB T5J 0B7