Student Awards & Bursaries

AUGSA Awards and Bursaries

AUGSA provides the following Bursaries:

1. AUGSA Bursaries – 8 awarded annually – $1000 

AUGSA Bursaries are intended to aid members (Athabasca University Graduate Students) in financial need. Additional circumstances such as disabilities, single parent/caregiver status, etc., may be taken into consideration. Awards are payable to the recipient by electronic funds transfer. No member may receive the AUGSA Bursary more than once per six-month period. The award deadline will be used for making this determination.

2. Computer Bursaries – 5 awards of a computer valued up to $700

Computer Bursaries are available to members (Athabasca University Graduate Students) who demonstrate financial need to provide them with a laptop computer for their course work. This is a cash award requiring a proof of purchase for same. Members may only receive this award once. Applications are accepted at any time of year.

3. Travel Bursaries – 4 awarded annually up to $1000

Travel Bursaries are intended to aid members (Athabasca University Graduate Students) in travelling to attend AU convocation, labs, practicums, on-site courses, or related conferences. Applications are accepted any time of year; however, they must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the date of travel. Applicants requesting help with travel to AU convocation are not required to be AUGSA members at the time of the request, however proof of graduation from AU is required.

This is a cash award requiring proof of purchase.

4. Emergency Bursaries – 5 provided up to $700 maximum

Emergency Bursaries are provided to help members (Athabasca University Graduate Students) during times of urgent financial need and unforeseen circumstances. A member may apply for this bursary more than once per fiscal year but may not be awarded assistance greater than the maximum amount ($700) in a fiscal year. Applications are accepted at any time of year.

To apply for these bursaries, the next deadline is December 10th, 2021!

Fill out this form: Application for Bursaries

  1. Send your application by email to
  2. Or mail to:                 

PO Box 57202
135-2525 36th St NE
Calgary, AB T1Y 6R4

Alberta: 780.257.5394
Toll Free: 1.866.625.5943

Note: These bursaries and awards are for Athabasca University graduate students. All successful applications will be required to provide AUGSA with current address and SIN before monies will be released. For those willing to provide banking information, direct deposit of funds is available. For those that are not willing to share banking information, a cheque will be mailed to your current address within three weeks of notification of your successful application.

AUGSA provides the following awards:

1. Outstanding Distinction Award (Graduate Student) – 5 awarded annually – $1125 – CLOSED
2. Outstanding Distinction Award (Non-Faculty Award) – 1 awarded annually – $250 – CLOSED
3. Outstanding Distinction Award (Faculty Award) – 1 awarded annually – $250 – CLOSED

This award recognizes members of the Athabasca University community who have demonstrated a high degree of leadership and engagement in their communities, their studies, and/or their professional lives.

Applications open in September 2022. 

Recognizing the achievements of our students

As a graduate student at Athabasca University, you may be eligible for a number of awards and scholarships to help fund your education. In addition to the Outstanding Distinction Awards that the AUGSA offers, you may be eligible for awards offered by the University, the Government of Alberta, or the Government of Canada.


Other Awards for AU Grad Students

Graduate Student Research Fund

Graduate Student Research Fund

Deadlines: Multiple deadlines per year. See website link below. 

Mission critical and disciplinary categories of research awards are available to graduate student’s under Athabasca University’s Graduate Student Research Fund program.

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The goal of the Graduate Student Research Fund (GSRF) is to enable students enrolled in graduate programs at Athabasca University to conduct research that:

  • Is of value to the University (that is, relating to the mission of Athabasca University as articulated in the University’s mission statement) – through the Graduate Student Mission Critical Research Fund (GSMCRF);
  • Advances disciplinary knowledge – through the Graduate Student Disciplinary Research Fund (GSDRF);
  • Funds are also available for dissemination of quality research findings for either mission critical research or disciplinary research.

GSRF Application Guidelines and Application Forms are available at the AU Research Centre website under “Graduate Student Research

Give us a shout if you need assistance with information regarding awards you may be eligible for.