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Writing Your Exams: Finding an Invigilation Centre

While most AU graduate courses don’t have final exams, those that do require you to write your exams in an appropriate environment. Adam Snider tells you how to find an exam invigilation centre.

Did you know that some graduate courses require you to write exams? If you are in a course that has a final exam, you may to find a place to write the exam under the supervision of an exam invigilator (review your program requirements to see if your exam needs to be invigilated or not). In order to assist students – especially those who do not live near an AU Learning Centre – AU has created an Exam Invigilation Network with universities and colleges across Canada.

There are invigilation centres in every province and territory in Canada. You can find a complete list of exam invigilation centres by going to the Exam Invigilation Network web page and selecting your province or territory from the list on the right-hand side.

If you do not live in Canada, or live more than 100km away from any of the centres listed as part of the Exam Invigilation Network, then you are required to write your exam at an accredited post-secondary institution such as a community college or a technical school. If you do not live within 100km of an accredited post-secondary institution then you will need to write your exam at another educational institution such as a high school. For more information on writing exams when you do not live near one of the Exam Invigilation Network’s centres, please visit the “Requesting an Exam” web page.