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How AUGSA Works at a Distance

Have you ever wondered how the AUGSA governs itself at a distance? VP External, Lisa Barrett, writes about the matter in this article.

How AUGSA Governs

AUGSA is governed by the Alberta Post-Secondary Learning Act and governed by our own bylaws that were introduced and passed in 2010. The business of governing the Association is conducted by the Executive Committee and the AUGSA Council.

AUGA’s Executive structure consists of a team of four; President, VP External, VP Academic, and VP Operations & Finance. Elections are held in February each year and each Executive position is a one year term starting on May 1.

AUGSA Council consists of two (2) Faculty of Science & Technology

Representatives, three (3) Faculty of Health Disciplines Representatives, three (3) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Representatives, three (3) Faculty of Business Representatives, and two (2) Centre for Distance Education Representatives, for a total of 13 council members. Elections for council positions are held in March of each year. Council positions are a one year term starting on May 1.

AUGSA hires a Chief Returning Officer to oversee the election process. AUGSA’s elections are governed by the Election Bylaw and the Elections Demerit System Policy. These documents govern the AUGSA election procedures and ensure that elections are transparent. AUGSA uses a preferential voting system, rather than a “first past the post” system for a more accurate representation of the votes.

Council Meetings

The Executive holds bi-monthly meetings and two meetings with the entire Council. Council meetings typically last 2 to 3 hours, and are the primary governance mechanism of the AUGSA; all of the business of the Association is conducted during these regularly monthly meets. The Executive is also held accountable to the Council during these meetings, as all Executive members submit monthly reports to Council to illustrate what they’ve been working on over the previous month.

AUGSA’s meetings follow Robert’s Rules of Order and are chaired by an independent Speaker of Council who is appointed annually for a one year term.

How we Communicate with Graduate Students

Keeping students in the AUGSA loop is a vital goal for the Executive and Council. There are many communication platforms that AUGSA utilizes to achieve this.

Check out the AUGSA website, join our group on Facebook, or visit the Landing to catch up on the latest news or start a conversation. You can also follow AUGSA on Twitter. Member input is an invaluable resource for the Executive and Council, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you prefer to send a comment or question directly to the Executive or Council please visit the AUGSA website for a list of email addresses.