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Funding Opportunities for AU Graduate Students

Our outgoing VP Academic, Olivia Meyia, shares some funding opportunities for AU graduate students.

AU Student Awards

As a reminder, AU’s Student Awards Program offers the following two awards to support dissemination/presentation opportunities for AU graduate students:

You can also take advantage of the Graduate Level Student Travel Awards to register for the AU Ingenuity Graduate Student Conference in September 2013. This will allow you to reduce your out-of-pocket travel expenses, while giving you the opportunity to showcase high quality research as an AU graduate student.

This award is provided to students who have been invited to participate in national or international conferences.

More information on these two awards is available at Student Awards.

Prix Allard-Landry

The Centre de recherche et de développement en éducation (CRDE) of the Université de Moncton in New-Brunswick is glad to present the 2012-2013 edition of the Prix Allard-Landry.

The Prix Allard-Landry rewards the best education related scientific article written by a graduate student. Along with the Université de Moncton students, any past Université de Moncton student now studying elsewhere is eligible for the Prix Allard-Landry.

The winning author will receive a maximum of $1,000 in financial aid to present their article at a national or international conference. The CRDE invites all eligible students to apply. The CRDE also invites you to forward this information to whoever it might interest.

Details on this award, including prize nature, admissibility and deadline information, application process and the application form can be obtained by visiting the CRDE website or by contacting:

Monica Lavoie
Centre de recherche et de développement en éducation (CRDE)
Université de Moncton, B-042 pavillon Jeanne-de-Valois
Tel. : 506-858-4277; Téléc. : 506-863-2059