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AWS Educate

With AWS Educate the world is your oyster

We’ve heard the news about AU being the first Canadian post-secondary institution to officially collaborate with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and you might be wondering what it actually means for AU students.

In short, it could mean anything and everything! That is the beauty of the partnership and what students now have access to in AWS Educate. Whether you are in an information technology and/or business related program and learning stream, or in the arts and humanities side of studies, how you – as an AU learner – decide to explore your goals, curiosities and creativity, is entirely up to you! Any entrepreneurial endeavor you may embark upon, or as your own employer goes through its digital transformation, the new models of service delivery and business design the cloud enables are a growing part of all of our futures. And AU wants to bring that knowledge to you, for your own exploration!

With AWS Educate, AU learners have access to a range of tools and resources including $75 in AWS Educate usage credits that you’ve been provided with to help explore the possibilities of innovation.

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Through AWS Educate, AU learners have access to:

  • Career Pathways that develop and test your cloud knowledge with the ability to achieve badges or certifications;
  • Online labs to develop hands-on skills and experience in utilizing the multitude of AWS services available;
  • AWS training content;
  • Job posts from top companies on the AWS Educate Job board.

As part of our partnership a special AU AWS Educate registration page has been set-up. To successfully register you will have to use your AU e-mail account as non-AU accounts will not be recognized. If you have not activiated your AU e-mail account you can follow the instructions here.

Your AU e-mail account is not only your key to AWS Educate, it opens the door to a broad range of additional student benefits.

See the  AWS Educate Data Card 1.