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AUGSA Executive Nominees 2020

AUGSA Executive Nominees for 2020-2021


 Scott Howell

I’m proud to be an Albertan.

I believe that modern post-secondary education requires innovation and that Athabasca U is poised to fill some massive ingenuity gaps. We have amazing financial supporters, but status quo isn’t good enough for the future. As AUGSA’s president it is my intention to tap into billions of undiscovered dollars. Graduate studies must be made more affordable. It’s time to redefine our strategy on university funding options. I have the plan; it’s called COAP. We need to be partners to make it so.  Education: AU (MAIS), U of L, VIU, RRU, UBC.

Accomplishments: president of a governing political party; founder of a national championship hockey organisation; bully-free Yukon; founder, coach and organiser of dozens of sporting groups, sports broadcaster, realtor, property manager, carpenter, teacher and dad; numerous directorships, school councils, committees; multilingual liaison.

See Scott Howell and Canadian Online Affiliates Program on Facebook and You Tube.

Mary-Anne Parker

Hello Athabasca Graduate Students!  My name is Mary-Anne Parker and I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. I’m in the final project stage and my project explores the role of End of Life Doulas using phenomenological methodology – largely because I love hearing about and understanding people’s life narratives. Passionate about online learning and how it fits with life stages, I have spent the last year as VP External highlighting the graduate student perspective and bringing graduate student stories to life.  I am eager to continue this important advocacy work both within and outside Athabasca’s virtual walls, to continue to foster collaborative relationships and to keep working hard to represent graduate students.  Therefore I am excited to submit my candidacy for President of AUGSA.

As a Mum, Nana, Artist, Student, Instructor, End of Life Doula and caregiver, I am appreciative of the variety of experiences, roles, and life stages that bring students to AU.  You can follow my own journey via Twitter and Instagram. Thanks!

David Thomson

I am seeking your vote to be AUGSA’s next President. I am currently AUGSA’s Vice President Academic and a student in my third year of the MBA program. I have also served one year as Faculty representative on Council. I live in Squamish, BC. I am 52 years old and currently employed as Executive Director of an independent elementary school. I believe in the power of transparent communication and always ensure my actions have clear intentions. I am a people person who prides himself in unique solutions. I am passionate about governance. As President, I will continue to build relationships, both internal and external, in an effort to increase value for those that I serve; the AU graduate student. For more information about my leadership style, my priorities as your future President, and my key learnings from sitting on AUGSA Council for two years, please visit

Vice President Academic:

Judd Asoyuf

With over a decade in progressive leadership rolls I have developed strong leadership and organizational skills. With work experience spanning 4 continents I feel like I would bring a unique voice on the student council and the VP Academic position giving me a new approach to help meet the needs of graduate students. I am no stranger to working in collaborative environments and have spent the last year working closely with the current VP Academic as a member of the awards committee where we tackled one of the most ambitious years for changes AUGSA has seen. I also was a member of the Strategic Planning committee working to build the strategic plan for 2020. I would love to follow through and see the work I started in 2019 completed in 2020. For more information go to

Jacquelyn Wollmann

My name is Jacquelyn Wollmann and I am a first-year graduate student in my Master of Applied Counselling Psychology at Athabasca University. I hope to conduct my research in the area of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy with an emphasis on Operational Stress Injuries, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and trauma. I also have a bachelor’s of biological sciences and a minor in religious studies from University of Calgary. I live in Calgary with my husband Gordie, dog Rumi, horse Tzar, and parrot Teko. I also have my own business, Stampede Saddle Solutions, where I do repair work and Saddle Fitting. 

Vice President External:

Philip Kirkbride:

Philip Kirkbride is a Masters of Information Systems candidate in his second year of study at Athabasca. During his time at Athabasca he has served on both the undergraduate and graduate student unions, written for the school paper, and was awarded an Athabasca University Community Leadership Award.

His day job consists of doing web development for a handful of cryptocurrency related companies including Since 2019 he has co-authored 2 books with Packt Publishing which are used for corporate and personal training related programming. Being enthusiastic about teaching and learning he has almost finished a third book with another popular publisher intended to teach people about Linux operating systems.

As Vice President External he would focus on creating research and teaching opportunities for graduate students at Athabasca by engaging with Athabasca and potential industry partners. He would also advocate for AU graduate students who are often overlooked by the government due to the unique nature of the university.

Brandon Simmons:

“My name is Brandon Simmons, and I am in the MBA Program.  I live on an acreage just outside Edmonton, Alberta and run a consulting company specializing in strategic planning, marketing, and accounting. I also have been an executive for the Athabasca University Students’ Union, including two years as president. As a result, I have over four years of experience in government relations, including a working relationship with the current Minister of Advanced Education.  Additionally, I have worked with AUGSA’s federal advocacy group, CASA. Currently, I serve as an elected member of the board of directors and am working on governance changes to give graduate students more influence at CASA.  I love student advocacy, and as a current member of AU’s Board of Governors, I fought hard against the recent tuition increases. I hope to be able to continue to support AU students, especially in this political climate.”

Crys Vincent:

    I served as a Faculty Representative during 2018-2019 year and I would be honoured to work on your behalf as the VP external, AUGSA. 

   I am Crys Vincent, a third year student in the master of counselling program. As post secondary students we are experiencing challenges posed by difficult economic climates, the emergence of new industries, the rising cost of post secondary education, and governments who have divided priorities. As the VP external I know I will have to work hard to present clearly articulated plans to government that demonstrate practical policies and programs that promote access to educational opportunities and success for graduate students. I believe that the most urgent needs are high interest rates and availability of student funding, student mental health, and equitable policies that address Indigenous priorities, culture, gender, differing ability, and LGBTQ2S+ best practices. My professional career in non profit management and advocacy has provided me with the skills and experience to be a passionate, articulate advocate for graduate students. I am an impassioned speaker, a strategic thinker, and an action oriented leader. 

    I served as a Faculty Representative during 2018-2019 year and I would be honoured to work on your behalf as the VP external, AUGSA.

Vice President Operations and Finance:

David Cloutier:

I’m David Cloutier, and I’m running to be your AUGSA VP of Operations and Finance. Pursuing my MA-IS, I bring a year of experience as a counsellor with AUGSA, and a year of experience as VP Academic for the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University. A teacher by formal training, I have career experience in budgeting, strategic planning, and both IT and Education leadership. A vote for David is a vote for:

  • Efficiency and innovation: I will work internally to find dollars for more scholarships to support your educational needs and goals.
  • Strategic support: I will build capacity in the AUGSA executive team, particularly around reform in the operations component of this VP role.
  • Fundraising: I will work to access public grants to support graduate students through more supports, programming, and scholarships.  I hope to work with you this upcoming year as your VP of Operations and Finance!

Elizabeth Dunleavy:

My name is Elizabeth Dunleavy. I am currently a Master of Education in Distance Education at the university. I would like to be considered for the position of AUGSA Vice President of Operations and Finance. As a high school teacher in both the classroom and online, I have learned to become very organized and manage my time appropriately. I would also come to the position with some experience as I have held the position of treasurer for the Alberta Teachers Association Northland Local for the past two years. As a requirement for this position, I am expected to provide annual budgets and monthly reports of transactions to the Local executive. I have also been part of collective bargaining with the Alberta Teachers Association on behalf of the Local. I appreciate your consideration and hope that you will elect me to this position so that I might have the opportunity to serve our university’s student body.

Tracy Kintzel:

Tracy Kintzel has a career in public service leadership and is a life-long learner.   In 2018, at the age of 50, she commenced her graduate studies as one of her academic goals was to complete an MBA.  Confirming that you are never too old to learn!  Recently completing Phase 1 of the MBA program, she also changed careers from provincial government service to municipal government service accepting a senior management position with the City of Red Deer – which she attributes in part to confidence gained in her post-graduate studies.  The pursuit of an MBA from Athabasca University is one of her most challenging and rewarding personal enrichment pursuits.  Accessibility to post-graduate education and digital learning environments are integral in individuals pursuing academia.   Recognizing the challenging economic times and complex resourcing for students, she would be pleased to represent you as Vice President of Operations and Finance.

 Ashley Ravenscroft:

Hello fellow students!

I’m Ashley Ravenscroft.

I’m also a MEd student at AU and I want to represent your needs at AUGSA as the V.P- Finance and Operations!

This year I was honored to be a Council Member of AUGSA and a part of some great changes! And, I am eager to keep the momentum going!

Next year I will:

  • Create additional human resource systems and documents;
  • Create an internal Audit Committee for additional financial and risk mgmt. practices; and
  • Create efficiencies within the roles in AUGSA.

Interested in more details about my platform? Please feel free to email me at

Janelle Takao:

My educational background is in the environmental sciences and my work experience has mainly been in engineering, health, agricultural, and energy sectors. On a personal level, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling abroad, volunteering when I can, and trying out new foods. As a professional, I admire and learn from the strengths of others, I really love working in teams, and I am always glad to lend a helping hand. It would be a privilege to serve as a member of this executive team. Your support is appreciated, and I thank you kindly.