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AU Student Services: the Ombuds Office

Our VP Student Life, Denise Ferris, gives you the inside scoop on the AU Ombuds Office.

Athabasca University offers a service to help provide a single, accessible contact point for students who require assistance with problems concerning services to students. The Ombuds office acts as an advisor to ensure that all members of the University community receive fair and equitable treatment. Their role is to advise students and University members in order to reach fair solutions to problems.

The Ombuds Office seeks to listen carefully to student concerns and help provide insight into what steps to take in a confidential manner. They will also help you understand University policies, procedures or practices that are relevant to your situation. The Office also provides information on the appeal mechanisms. Additionally, the office can make inquiries or conduct informal investigations to obtain the facts and when appropriate, make recommendations.

It is best to contact the Ombus Office when you need someone to help clarify a situation or circumstance that affects your relationship with the University, when you feel that a particular AU student policy has been applied unfairly, or when you have a University-specific problem that requires someone to help negotiate a solution. The Ombus office can be contacted by email at You can also reach the office toll free in Canada and the US at: 1-800-788-9041 ext 6199.