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AU Counselling Services

Would you like to know more about AU’s counselling services? Our VPSL, Denise Ferris, shares the details…

Athabasca University has a Counselling Service which offers helpful information for various aspects of your life that can provide assistance during your post-secondary education. Counselling services aim to help AU students clarify educational and career goals by completing self-assessments, providing information around goal clarification and career decision making. Counselling services can also help strengthen academic success by providing insight into time management and providing helpful study skills. They can also help individuals with exam anxiety.

Additionally the Counselling Services website has links to locate resources and services that are available. Counselling appointments generally take place over the telephone and last an hour.

You can book an appointment with a counselor online ( ) or by telephone (1-800-788-9041). Alternately, you can email Counselling Services at AUGSA encourages our fellow graduate students to check out some of the Learner Resource support materials that can assist you in your educational success.