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A Quick Introduction to the AU Landing

Did you know that AU has a social networking site just for members of the AU community? Read the full story for a quick introduction to the AU Landing.

Athabasca University has a social networking site, called the Landing. The purpose of the Landing is to provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to connect with one another. The site was created on the basis ‘to share, communicate and connect.’ The Landing can be used to create groups, blogs and discussions. Additionally you can share files, bookmarks to websites and photographs through a simple upload feature. Individuals have a profile that allows you to connect with others. Participation in the Landing can be as simple as uploading a cool bookmark to an interesting article you found, creating blogs where people can be added or request to follow your posts, starting discussions on topics of interest and creating or joining groups.

Individuals use their AU login – same one you use to log into your My AU account. The AUGSA encourages students to create a profile and use the Landing. Using the Landing will help connect you with your classmates and make distance education feel less remote. You can access the Landing at AU has also created some useful tips and tricks on how to complete your profile and customize the setting features.